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Custom Design Jewelry

Click here for custom design inquiries.

You can work directly with our artists on line, by phone or in person. This is made possible using the Art Cam design program and by viewing pictures and ideas together. Please have our portfolio available when calling for a consultation. Using our pictures and viewing them together, we are able to see what you like and dislike. If inquiring by email, please send us pictures or use other pictures to show us what you have in mind.

We make hand crafted jewelry, build with different components or the latest and greatest...

Art Cad Cam Designing

Cad Cam is a tool we use as designers to obtain the details and precision in our designs that were impossible before. Cad Cam takes our ideas as designers and turns them into a reality with very few limitations. Once the design is ready for a viewing, it is sent to a model master lathe to cut the wax for your approval.

Contact us for a consultation and find out what we can make for you. And remember, you will always work directly with your artist.

About Us

Diamond Peak Goldsmiths was founded by Deb Miller in 1994. She spent many of those years in Old Town Fort Collins, building a good name and reputation for her self and her business. Over the last year Diamond Peak Goldsmiths has gone through many changes. Deb has been joined by her good friend and fellow artist Debra Tapian. They are very inspired by each other and work famously together. They have recently moved from Old Town and built a Jewelry Artist Studio with a beautiful view of the mountain range.

The changes over the year only begin there. We have also obtained the Art Cam program and the laser welder. Deb Miller has spent the earlier part of the year learning the Art Cam program and is constantly in ah over what it can do. She is a custom designer as well as a certified gemologist.

Debra Tapian got her start as an Opal inlay artist and became a goldsmith with Deb Miller. Debra Tapian is also the Mokume Gane artist.

Together the two Deb's have 25 years combined experience. Combining their talents along with the new innovative tools, they have incredible ideas and are very fun to work with.

Contact Us

Diamond Peak Goldsmiths
614 S. Overland Trail
Fort Collins, CO 80521

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